Friday, June 06, 2008

2008 Miyabi Shincha

Class: Green
Origin: Uji prefecture, Japan
Year: 2008
Vendor: O-Cha (Product page)
Price: $27.95 (110g)

This tea comes courtesy of Chip, a fellow TeaChat member. I know a few people who consider this to be the king of sencha, so I had high expectations of this tea. And, fortunately enough, my expectations were mostly met. :)

This is a great tea. It has good flavor; it does not have the most intense flavor ever, but it is clean and refined. There is a light sweetness, and a pleasant cooling aftertaste. Chip mentioned tasting a slight roasty/nutty flavor, and I think I agree. Whether or not it's just in my head or not, though, I can't say. :) In my experience it isn't a particularly vegetal tea, but there is some grassiness. Also, it's pretty easy to brew, as long as you pay attention. Much easier than the Yukata Midori (or the Hatsumi, so I hear), anyway.

It is expensive, though. Compared to O-Cha's Kirameki it's a steal, but that's not saying much. Actually, having tried Miyabi, I can't really recommend Kirameki anymore. It's more expensive than Miyabi, and not nearly as good (in my opinion).


Salsero said...

Thanks for the review.

That yunomi is very attractive and the tea color came out very nice.

Brittiny said...

Oh yeah... that's the good stuff right there!!

I have been drinking Miyabi Shincha for the past week or so. Good times. :)

Nice picture and review.

Bamboo Forest said...

Ahhh, Miyabi. My favorite sencha. Or at least, in my top 5 - for sure.

Miyabi has my favorite color, for a green tea. It's really appealing. Good review.

Brent said...


Thanks! It's always a pain for me to get the color of sencha to come through, for whatever reason.


I'm tempted to buy some of the sencha version. Chip's sample won't last long, heh.


I think Yukata Midori beats Miyabi when it comes to color, but it is still very nice, I admit.

Thanks for the comments!


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