Sunday, June 29, 2008

Samovar Tea Online Video Series

Passage to Peace ScreenI recently received an email from Jesse Jacobs of Samovar Tea in San Francisco, who informed me of a new online video series that he has produced. He writes,

"In an effort to elevate the perception of tea, making it approachable, and informative, and educational, and to show just what the tea experience is like and why it is so valuable, I just finished a Web Tea TV video series in which I interviewed the Bay Area's top luminary tea producers, buyers, sellers, and retailers. The name of the series is Passage to Peace: Exploring Tea Culture Today...

...This project is about propagating tea culture, because tea culture is about two people connecting, and creating peace, sip by sip. And what better way to create peace and make a difference in the world, than to have a cup of tea with a friend."

The series is available in two places: their website, and iTunes. The preview trailer is online now, and the 16 episode series will air once a week starting July 1st. Enjoy!

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