Sunday, June 22, 2008

2002 Rou Gui from Teacuppa (Mystery Wuyi Yancha A)

Class: Oolong
Origin: Wuyi shan, China
Year: 2002
Vendor: Teacuppa
Price: $18.50 (50g)

A note about the censors: Several fellow tea-fiends have received this (code-name "A") and another tea (code-named— wait for it— "B") as part of a blind tasting. I'll reveal this tea's true identity later. Muahahaha.

Also of note: I made my first trip to Daiso, a Japanese 100-yen-store chain that has recently made its way to the states. After all the hype, it was a bit disappointing, but I did find a few goodies: two cups, two little plates, and a reed mat. The damages: a whopping $8.12. One of the plates and the reed mat can be seen in the photographs below. Not bad for $1.50 each, eh?

Mystery Wuyi A dry leaf
Chocolate, in leaf form.

This tea has a fantastic chocolate aroma. In keeping with the size of the samples I sent out, I used 5g of tea in a 90mL pot. [To the tasters: you're welcome to use more, but this splits the sample in half.] I started with a ~20 second infusion, and got a lovely brew replete with caramel, blueberries, and a kiss of chocolate. It was smooth and oily, to boot.

Mystery Wuyi A liquor
Some of my Daiso booty: a plate, and a reed mat.

As it progressed it lost its oiliness and blueberries, and the flavor developed into a more ordinary spicy chocolate. This tea gave out on me fairly quickly, lasting about 5 infusions before it dropped off. Though I was disappointed by its short lifespan, I liked the round, mature flavor of the initial brews. I would definitely consider buying more. If only... [That's a hint!]

For the homies.
Pourin' one for my homies.


Lewis said...

I dig your new booty.. I haven't heard of Daiso. Those photos are also kinda stellar, especially the one of the pot and plate.

And that Wu Yi sounds *good*.

Brent said...

I hadn't heard of it either, until tenuki on TeaChat mentioned them. Even then, I didn't know I had one nearby until I drove right by it.

Yes, the tea is good. :) I'll make a new post when I reveal it's identity.

Bearsbearsbears said...

That tea sounds scrumptious. Pretty photos on both A & B.

Anonymous said...

tea nerds?

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