Friday, August 24, 2007

Back to School

Broken TeapotI just moved back into my dorm today, and while unpacking I found that one of my Yixing pots had been broken. Luckily it was one of the relatively inexpensive ones, but it was still a disappointment. It was also the only thing broken in the move (so far), so I suppose things could be worse.

Though my teawares are all set up neatly on my desk and shelf, I am currently without any tea. Everything is stuck in the painfully inefficient and bureaucratic Vanderbilt post office. Anyway, I still have a few days before class starts, so I should have time to write one or two posts. After that... only time will tell.

(In case you are wondering, the top picture is my attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back together. If only I had all the king's men to help me, maybe I would have been successful. The horses would be nice to have as company, but I doubt hooves would be of much assistance.)


Salsero said...

Boy! ... and here I was beating myself up for abusing my Huang Ni pot!

Seriously, the photo is helpful for me. Since I never took a "before" photo of my pot, the photo of yours offers at least some approximation of how mine started out. Unfortunately for your pot, it's the permanent kind of "after" photo. Requiescat in pace. The color change, BTW, looks to have been pretty dramatic.

I will download your photo for the future benefit of science and file it under Hic jacet yixing teapot. (Grief is so much more poignant in Latin.)

Thanks for sharing, and welcome back to the South, ya'll.

Mary R said...

Oh noes!

You were a good little pot--trustworthy, honest...economically priced. May your tea table in the sky be glorious, fallen soldier.

Dona es requiem.

Mary R said...

Irk! I knew that Latin didn't look right! It's supposed to be eis, not es. I'm a total moron.

ankitlochan said...


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MarshalN said...

Ouch on the teapot.

I know how it can feel. I've had many broken teaware before. But.... it just gives you an excuse to buy another one :)

Steven Dodd said...

Aww, back in the dorm? You're not living in the fraternity house? What does your roommate think of your tea stuff? Cool? Girly? Eccentric?

Brent said...


I'm glad it was helpful! And yes, the change is quite impressive.


You smart people and your dead languages. All I know is "quid est prenomen tuum." Regardless, thank you for your kind words. *Plays taps on the bugle*


Thank you for your offer! I sent you an email.


Ah yes, the silver lining on the cloud. :)


Negatory on the fraternity house, since we don't have one. My roommate is fairly ambivalent about my tea stuff, though I think he has come onto teachat as an anon a couple times to tease us.

Space Samurai said...

anonymous makes me laugh.

Sorry about the teapot, that sucks.

Jamie D. said...

Sorry about your teapot there...I'd feel awful if anything happened to my yixing pots (I did break a ceramic pot a month or so ago, and while it was a bummer, it wasn't the same as breaking yixing).

Happy shopping (for a replacement, of course)!

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