Saturday, March 13, 2010


little bridge
[As with my post on mindfulness, this is more a personal reflection than a lesson. Hopefully you can glean something useful from it, but I certainly do not want to imply that I know what is best for you.]

I recently noticed that light is a critical part of my great tea sessions. Of course one needs adequate light in order to brew tea adequately, but for a special tasting I need remarkable light. It has to create a sense that something is different, special, not merely mundane.

Whether it be bright sunlight outside, soft diffuse light through a window on a cloudy/rainy day, or dim incandescent lighting in a quiet room at night, the best light is simply and unpretentiously beautiful. It shouldn't be contrived, melodramatic studio-like lighting; it should be natural, effortless, and not distracting. Finding great light, whether planned or accidental, is more rewarding than my attempts to cobble something together myself.

The light should resonate with me; if my mood doesn't match the quality of the light, things don't quite fall into place. When everything harmonizes, though, and the cha qi of the tea is just right, and I feel as though I am dissolving into the light around me... Perfect!


Sir William of the Leaf said...

I have kept up on your blog for a while now and no post fails to please!
I have just started a blog of my own and I would much appreciate some criticism from a seasoned blogger!
Keep up the great work!!

Unknown said...

I have been following your blog too, in fact your blog is the only blog I follow. Rare gems from a beautiful human being. I am a Cinematographer and tea enthusiast so this post is particularly appealing. You nailed it on the heart.

michel said...

Unusual thoughts about light and tea. It makes the entire tea drinking experience sound relaxing and peaceful.

Oriental Tea said...

Light is relaxing and inspiring.

Nuff said.

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