Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tea and Weight Loss | IT'S ALIVE, kind of

Bwahaha, I'll bet I had you going for a minute there with this title. It's actually exactly the opposite of what you are thinking.

This is mostly a "look guys, this blog really isn't dead" post, but here's a fun fact: over the past few months, despite drinking almost zero tea, I have lost 20 pounds. Now, I could use this anecdote to launch into a satire about how dumb the customers of weight-loss tea companies are, but this has already been done to death so I'll spare you.

Anyway, look guys, this blog really isn't dead. ["Comatose" works, though.] Like I said, I just haven't been drinking much tea at all, for various reasons. I'll get back into it eventually, but I don't want to stuff this blog full of boring filler reviews about teas I'm really just not that interested in (no offense to the vendors whose teas I have stockpiled) right now.

I greatly appreciate that some of you still regularly check this site for updates, and I'm sorry that this post isn't more substantial! This blog isn't gone for good though, so keep checking back every couple weeks (or whenever); you never know when this fickle mind will want to write again. :)


Anonymous said...

No problem. Take your time. I do find it surprising that you haven't been drinking much tea. I could never do that. It's all or nothing for me. I'd have to either go off caffeine or get as much tea as I want, which is a pretty huge amount. --Teaternity

yumcha said...

Welcome back!
This was so funny. I've actually been working on a post(more like a rant) about tea and weight loss. I'm getting tired of customers asking me which tea will help them lose weight. They don't care about tastes, they just want to treat it like a medicine and take a daily dosage.
They get so upset when I tell them to eat less and exercise more.

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