Saturday, November 29, 2008

A few (mostly) unimportant tidbits

***Actually important info:***
I will no longer be checking emails sent to It was a pain anyway (Booooo POP3), but then I started getting quite a bit of spam. If for some crazy reason you actually want to converse with me, you can find an email address on the About Me/Contact Info page (link is to the left). Sorry for the confusion.

***Entirely unimportant personal drivel:***
Given my penchant for obsession and preference for the totally impractical, it's really not surprising that I would eventually develop (oh yes, pun very much intended) an interest in film photography. I'm just getting started, but I am encouraged by the results of my first few rolls.

Landscape #4
I think film has so much more character to it. Even aside from the medium itself, using film has indirect effects on the photographic process. Most importantly, it makes me slow down and actually think about composition and exposure, rather than just doing rapid-fire, hope-I-get-something-useable bracketing.

Landscape #2
Fortunately, my TAD (teaware acquisition disorder) has gone into remission lately. I say it is fortunate because I now lust over lenses and cheap Soviet rangefinders (cheap is, of course, a relative term).

Lu ni teapot
I had to include something tea related in this post, didn't I? :)


Hobbes said...

Very pretty, I'm all in favour of having more of your good photography to look at. :)

You know, if you need some advice on dodgy Soviet photographic equipment, we know just the man...



Vladimir Lukiyanov said...

What did you use to fetch the POP3, Googlemail or Apple Mail?

Great photos. Soviet rangefinders can be good, certainly divided by price, but they're often dodgy in terms of lens quality and you can't find out until you've taken a picture.


Brent said...


Thanks! Haha yes, he has been giving me plenty of advice about photography, film, and the like. Like right here!


I had been using Apple Mail, but I guess maybe Gmail's spam filters could have helped. Whatever, heh.

It seems that there are a few pretty reputable stores for FEDs and Zorkis, but you definitely pay a premium for the assurance of quality.

Still, I should probably spend less time worrying about equipment and more on using what I have now. :)


Bryan said...

I'm a big fan of the Konica c35 rangefinder. Super contrasty little camera, and can be had on eBay for a fairly cheap price.

Brent said...


It seems like a fantastic little camera, but I'm looking for something with interchangeable lenses. Thanks for the tip, though!


Bill said...

Great pic!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures as always. I love those little teapots.

Brian L said...

Great pictures, Brent, especially those first two. Glad you got the FSU rangefinder bug - I found it's quite as addictive as the tea bug!

Please post more.


Brent said...

Thanks for the comments, Tea and Brian!

I'm trying not to get as lazy about updating as I have been recently. Also, I'm not sure I'll be getting my hands on any FSU equipment in the near future, but it's only a matter of time... :)


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