Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mystery Yancha Revealed

Thanks to Rob, who reminded me that I had not yet revealed the secret identities of those two yancha.

Sample A was... 2002 Rou Gui from Teacuppa (now out of stock, sadly)
Sample B was... 2007 "Exquisite" Da Hong Pao from Teacuppa

On another note, I have now passed the 100 posts mark! Wooooooo!

Anyway, sorry for the delayed absence. I haven't been in much of a tea mood (or a writing mood) lately. :/ I'll pick up the pace soon enough.

A random photo, taken on a hike with the girlfriend last week:

Tree trunk


Ad said...


Just read your blog! Please do keep posting. I enjoy them a lot!

Hope to learn from you more!


Brent said...

Thanks Jundo! I will keep posting, even though it seems like I have stopped, haha.


Sie Whange said...

Hi...I just read this blog.Please do keep posting, I enjoy it.

Brent said...

Sie Whange,

Thanks for the comment, I really enjoy feedback like yours!


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