Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring come early

There's something about unseasonably spring-like weather that causes me to revert back to my hopelessly romantic teenage self.

shan lin xi dry leaf
I thought I might find some inspiration to write about this gorgeous tea— a 2009 Shan Lin Xi oolong from The Tea Gallery— but it turns out I'd much rather just get tea drunk and listen to old crooners sing love songs. I'll get back to you about the tea. :)


Unknown said...


This is Na-Ha from Hampstead Tea.

I saw your blog on the Tea and we are very interested in it. I wonder if you would agree to publish a press release on our new products.

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Thank you for your time,
Best Regards


Oriental Tea said...

What a relaxing article!

One thing I enjoy is listening to Vivaldi's "spring" when drinking a particularly fine tea. It really sets the mood!

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