Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Water Golden Turtle / Shui Jin Gui from The Tea Gallery

Class: Wuyi yancha, oolong
Origin: Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China
Vendor: The Tea Gallery (Product page)
Price: $18.00 (25g) / $63.00 (114g)


This is another lovely yancha from The Tea Gallery. The dry leaf smells soft, with a nice balance of caramel and tangy florals. The first few infusions show a strong yancha mineral base, as well as a nice cocoa/roast flavor. The tangy florals are quiet at first but linger, then bloom into a sweet, cool aftertaste. A caramel sweetness dominates once the flavor of later brews tapers off, until it ultimately fades.

This isn't a powerhouse of upfront flavor, but that's alright— the solid aftertaste and approachable mineral character make for a graceful, youthful tea.


Matt said...


Starting over?


yumcha said...

Welcome back, Brent!
You're beautiful photos and earnest writing were missed. I'm honored that did a post on a Tea Gallery oolong.
Can't wait to read more from you.

notesontea said...

Welcome back. Lovely writing.

download film said...

I love tea too... thanks for share

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