Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tea notes

tea notes
I feel increasingly weird posting tasting notes here, especially for old teas you can't buy anymore. They make sense for group tastings where others may actually want to compare observations but... let's be honest, you don't really want to read about the bag of unlabeled oolong I just found in the back of my cupboard.

So, if you wouldn't mind, check out the poll to the right. Be honest, you won't hurt my feelings... much. *whimper*


Anonymous said...

You have weird handwriting, dude

Anonymous said...

I'll go for tasting notes of anything, if it tells me something useful about the process.

Jake said...

Tea tasting reviews are probably the dullest niche among all tea related topics. Nothing personal mate, your tasting descriptions are as high up there as possible.

Brent said...


Interesting... I hadn't really thought of it from that angle. Thanks!


I agree, so I appreciate the honesty. I really only read reviews for teas I'm interested in trying, and unless it's particularly well written (read: on The Half-Dipper) I'll usually skim it anyway.


Anonymous said...

As a... caveat, I should say I'm new to gongfu cha, so I'm still in the stage of absorbing everything I can (I've read through the archives of at least a half dozen blogs in the last two weeks). I personally find this kind of study a useful tradeoff for experience, in terms of time spent, since it makes a drastic difference when I do start practicing something. Still, some of the random details related to tasting seem to be useful in forming a gestalt understanding.

Anyways. Look at some of half-dipper's posts, like Timing Tea. Or your recent post about being mindful, where it's tied into the tea tasting. Good stuff.

Also: good photos are always a plus.

notesontea said...

I like all your posts.

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