Monday, January 11, 2010

Aged Oolong from Imperial Tea Court

Class: Oolong
Origin: Fujian, China
Year: ?
Vendor: Imperial Tea Court (Product page)
Price: $6.00 (28g) / $21.25 (113g)
dry leaf

This is not a bad tea. (What, expecting something more profound after a month and a half?) The truth is, my taste buds are a wee bit rusty after such a long break from routine tea consumption, so I won't be waxing poetic 'bout none-a-those etherial hints of ambrosia this time.

ITC's aged oolong is an enjoyable tea though; not as rich and chewy as some others of its kind, but for the (relatively!) modest price I can't complain. It also seems to give an above-average cha qi experience if I'm looking for it, so it's not without its redeeming qualities.

This would be a good, economical introduction to aged oolongs, but you veterans looking for the next diamond-in-the-rough may want to give this one a pass.

[Happy new year!]


Unknown said...

Glad To see you are back, and I'm thinking of trying more aged oolongs, though they seem almost harder than puerh to verify and tell if it will taste good just from pictures.

Brent said...

Thanks Adam. I've pretty much given up on verifying aged oolongs, it's hopeless! As hit-or-miss as they may be though, the good ones are worth the effort. mmmmmmm


Maitre_Tea said...

how good is the durability? I've had a few aged oolongs that were great...but they puttered out too quickly, which made them even more expensive in my mind.

Anonymous said...


Brent said...


Hmm, you know, I haven't really tested that. My tea endurance is pitiful lately, so I usually stop after a handful of infusions unless I'm really into it. That is a good point though.


Yes, chewy. :P


TeaCast said...

Don't think I've ever had Imperial Tea Court before! Iiiinteresting. Good to suggest to newbies coming into tea :P

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