Saturday, July 18, 2009

Untitled, as always | Poll Results


I don't like to title my photos, unless it's a simple description like the name of the place or the item in the photo. To me a photo title is suspiciously similar to the foreword of a book; it really only exists because the author wants to tell you how to read the book. The other reason is that the only clever titles I can ever come up with are cynical ones like "Self Indulgence" or "Cliché." (See?)

[First: Tri-X @ EI 320, Rodinal 1:50, Yashica 12. Second: Fomapan 100 @ EI 80, Rodinal 1:100 (50 min stand), Yashica 12.]


The poll results showed that around half of you (47%) don't mind seeing the occasional unrelated post, like this one. For the 35% of you who would like me to relate these posts back to tea somehow: I'll try to do that most of the time. For the 17% who don't like these posts at all and are now reading this: that wasn't so bad, was it? :)


Veri-Tea said...

Stunning... I admire your beautiful photography so much (even when there's no tea, ha!)

Vladimir Lukiyanov said...

I like the second one. It's pretty, the shape of the flower and the vase.


Marisa said...

Hi Brent, your photos are simply great! Some of them in particular (like the second one: the flower) are really strong. Well, I guess their connection with tea is sensibility. It's fine, as far as I'm concerned. Always pleased to see them in your blog. Thanks for sharing them by the way!

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