Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yashica 12

Yashica 12

Meet my newest acquisition, a Yashica 12 TLR. I just gave it a thorough cleaning and plan on running some film through it in the next day or two; hopefully there are no major problems!


Stacey said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Looks to be in remarkably good shape too! Congrats!

Salsero said...

I loved those old TLRs. Uses 120 film, right. Big negatives!

Brent said...


It is in good shape, cosmetically anyway, especially for a 51 year old camera. (I don't know exactly when this one was made, but they only made the 12 model from 1967-68.)


Yep, 120. That was pretty much my main reason for getting it; other than horrible Chinese plastic toys this is one of the cheaper routes to big beautiful negs. :)

Thanks for the comments!


Wes Crosswhite said...

And a beautiful shot!

Brent said...

Thanks Wes. :)

Update for those interested:

I ran some film through this bad boy today. They were pretty good, but there was a halo/glow effect around highlights and a general fogginess across the negative.

I took a closer look at the taking lens and saw a ton of oil deposits from the shutter (apparently a common problem with Yashica TLRs).

I removed the front bezel and the front element of the taking lens, opened up the aperture, held the shutter open with a duct-taped release cable, and swabbed the gunk off the front of the rear element with some Q-tips and naphtha.

It looks like this crud has been building up awhile and has etched the lens element a bit, but it is still far clearer than it was before (I couldn't get all the oil off the outer edge of the lens, but I can't imagine a little bit out there would hurt too much). I'll run some more film through tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

How exactly did u clean the rear lense? If i open mine there is a glass in front of the shutter. I can't get past that....

Zta said...

That brown neckstrap look really good! Where did you get it? I'd like one similar for my Yashica 635.

Anonymous said...

i've got one.. given to me by my mom from her grandfather.. hope its still running..

Anonymous said...

is the battery still available?

lovinglife said...

Well good news is I got the batery for this camera , just bought last 6 piece from local battery shop

Bad news is : i live in indonesia

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