Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Meet _______, my new friend.

I just picked up my first houseplant today. It's a jade plant, and it's just a baby right now, but it should grow into that pot if I don't kill it first.

Jade plant
On that note, I thought I'd ask you all to help me name him (Yes, it's a him. My girlfriend and I decided to give it a male name so she doesn't get jealous of how much time I spend with it). I thought I'd go with the name of a mythological figure who is either prophesied to die or dies despite the best intentions/precautions/etc., as I expect this poor little plant to share the same fate.

The two names I am considering at the moment are Acrisius (thanks Mary), an ancient Greek king accidentally killed by a discus thrown by his grandson, and Baldr, a Norse god killed by an arrow made of mistletoe (the only thing that could harm him) that Loki, another god, tricked Baldr's brother Höðr into shooting him with.

Let me know if you like one or the other better, or if you have any other ideas because frankly, neither of these names is all that pleasing to the ear. Thanks!

[Edit: I found a couple others that could work. They don't strictly fit with the theme I was going for, but they are funny nonetheless. One is Mallory, which in old French apparently means "ill-omened." The other is Erysichthon, another ancient Greek king who, due to his insatiable hunger (thanks to Aethon, the god of famine), ate himself. Charming, eh?]


Wes Crosswhite said...


~ Phyll said...
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~ Phyll said...

Abraham Lincoln.

And you, Brent, potentially are the would be assassin.

Bill said...

You are getting pretty handy with that camera of yours!! I can start seeing prints being sold!

Brent said...


Abraham Lincoln, eh? Not bad... it certainly has a better sound to it than most of the names I've come up with.


Thanks! I doubt I'll ever sell them, but it's nice to know I'd at least have one buyer. :)


Zed said...

just change the letters around:

Djae (pronounced "Jay")

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