Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wrong Fu Video: #1

I just made my first voyage into a new internet medium: the moving picture!

Anyway, here's me making some 1983 TGY. Enjoy!

If any of you have any comments or suggestions for things I should work on, please let me know!


Salsero said...

Well, frankly, after going to all that work to make tea, it is traditional to DRINK IT!

But for real, this video should be an inspiration to all those tea lovers who are confined to dorm rooms or prison cells. Most of the vids I see on YouTube have cute little Chinese honeys brewing the tea. I think you should add one of those to your sessions. I can't speak for others, but I know that would perk it up for me!

Is the cup one of those lowrider hybrids, sort of a cross between a dish and a cup? Is that your preferred style of cup? I have a couple like that, but I'm afraid that I will slosh tea all over the room if I actually use them. Also, I think I've seen MarshalN using that kind of cup.

Oh, and dude, what kind of tea?

Brent said...

Drink it? That's what you're supposed to... well THERE'S my problem!

Crummy jokes aside, I did drink it, but it was pretty light (as you can tell). It was actually the 4th or 5th infusion but I thought a 2 minute infusion might be a little boring to watch, which brings me to your next question.

The main problem with including little Chinese honeys is the lack of space on my desk. There's really only one angle I can shoot my tea setup from, so unless they shrink themselves to teacup size, they aren't going to get in the shot.

The cup does have a pretty low profile, and it certainly requires a bit more balance to get from the table to one's mouth. I do prefer it, but I can't pin down why. Just looks more natural, I guess.

Also, it's this tea. Apparently I haven't posted about it yet, but I'll get on it soon enough (translation: probably never). I think Tea Logic mentioned it in a recent post, and I swear I've seen it mentioned somewhere else as well.

Thanks for the comment, Salsero!

Anonymous said...

Great vid!

I thought all chemists listen to Shostabloodykovich?!



P.s. You filterless freak!

Anonymous said...

is that a yixing teapot?

Brent said...


Yes it is. It's about 3 oz (~90 mL) and I use it for aged and high-roast oolongs.

MarshalN said...

Hey, nice video :). I should shoot some sometime...

If you want suggestion -- I'd suggest a faster motion when you pour, because your pot drips a little -- so quickly get to the "straight down to the fairness cup" stage and spend less time in the "leaking down the wall" stage.

The other thing is that it is better to not pull the pot when you pour -- better to not make a lot of splash when you are pouring. Part of it is aesthetic, but I have also been instructed long, long time ago that it distrubs the tea a bit when you do that, and dispersing the taste a little.

Brent said...


Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely try them out. This is just the sort of feedback I was looking for. :)

teaguy said...

Hi Tea Nerd! Really like the blog - we seem to have a similar approach to tea philosophy if you don't mind my saying so.

I also blog about tea, and try to keep the 'mystique' and technical side low-profile so as not to scare people off - glad to see you doing the same

Brent said...


Your comment must have slipped through the cracks, sorry. I'll keep that in mind, though.


I usually try to keep things low-key, unless of course the whole point of the post is discussing technique/science/whatever. Part of it is not scaring people away, but I also don't want to sound like a know-it-all, because I definitely don't! :)

Thanks for the comments,


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