Friday, June 08, 2007

Teacuppa Wrap-up

Although not much emphasis was put on identifying the teas in the tasting session, here are the results:

A: 2005 CNNP Shupu
B: 2005 Luxi Shupu
C: 2005 Tiandiren Shupu
D: 2005 CNNP “Big Blue Mark”
E: 2005 Jiangcheng Yesheng
F: 2005 Simao Yesheng

As you can see, I got 4/6 correct. I should have thought of that alphabetical order thing earlier, since it turned out to be right. :)

Anyway, thanks again to Teacuppa for providing the free tea, and to Hobbes over at The Half Dipper for organizing and directing the event.

Also, I have a few teas lined up to write reviews about, so stay tuned in the next week. I got a little tired of note-taking after the marathon six tea tasting event, so I took a little break from being critical and going back to actually enjoying tea!

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