Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News Flash!

A few updates about what's going on at the moment:

Bad News (for you readers):

I just got home from school, so I'm relaxing and not on the computer as much anymore. I also decided, stupidly, to ship my teaware home with some other stuff, instead of packing it in my suitcase. Also, I'm going on vacation for a week, and I haven't decided if I'm going to bring tea yet.

The combination of these three things means I am drinking less tea and I am less likely to post here. Don't worry though, I'll get back into the swing of things once my stuff gets here and once I get back from vacation.

Good News:

I have about a billion tons of tea here or in the mail, so I will have plenty of reviewing material. What am I getting? Well, since you asked...

Salsero's Second Best Teahouse Samples (thanks again Salsero!):
• Mokalbari SFTGFOP1 Assam
• Everyday Milan Dan Cong from Jing Tea Shop
• Premium Da Hong Pao from Yunnan Sourcing (ebay)
• Yiwu Mao Cha from Dragon Tea House (ebay)
• 2005 Haiwan "Long Tong Zhi" Te Ji Ripe Puerh from Yunnan Sourcing (ebay)
• 2006 Six Famous Tea Mountain Ripe Puerh from Yunnan Sourcing (ebay)
• 2000 Haiwan Gu Hua Puerh from Jing Tea Shop
• 2006 Menghai Dayi 7432 Premium Raw Puerh from China Gifts (ebay)
• 2005 Six Famous Tea Mountain Organic Raw Puerh (source unknown)

• 2007 Yukata Midori Kagoshima Shincha from O-Cha.com
• Feng Huang Milan Dancong from Jing Tea Shop
• Single Bush Xing Ren Dancong from Jing Tea Shop
• Single Bush Ba Xian Dancong from Jing Tea Shop
• Single Bush Yulan Dancong from Jing Tea Shop
• 2006 Menghai "Spring of Menghai" Raw Puerh from Yunnan Sourcing (ebay)
• Mystery Raw Puerh (will post pics soon) from Mountain View Tea Village and Gallery

As you can tell, I am pretty much rolling in tea (Luckily, most of these teas are coming as small samples). I also have a couple of cheapo yixing pots coming in the mail, in addition to the teapot, teacups, and fairness cup / sharing pitcher I bought today from a local tea shop (Mountain View Tea Village and Gallery). Unfortunately I underestimated just how small a 2-4oz teapot could be, and ended up getting a 5oz one by accident. Just paying my tuition, I guess!

Anyway, I think it's time I got back to lounging around. I'll be back soon!


Mary R said...

Have a good vacation! You deserve it.

I clicked the link to the teashop where you bought the 5 oz pot...that looks like such a nice store! I wish the site was a little more web-vendor friendly, but in the meantime I'll just stew in envy. It must be great to have so many good brick & mortar stores so near you. :)

MarshalN said...

I really really hope one of the mystery samples is NOT the thing they have in the picture.

You're really not supposed to drink that kind of super-compressed tea. They're bad for you (may contain things other than tea... to keep the cake together). They're also very unlikely to be aged at all.

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