Saturday, January 27, 2007

The first Tea Nerd post!

Hello internet, and welcome to Tea Nerd!

This is the first post, meaning there is no actual *content* yet, but here is what you can expect in the near (and distant) future:
  • Guides on how to brew different teas,
  • Reviews of teas, tea wares, and tea vendors, with pictures when possible,
  • Information on the science behind tea, and
  • Links to helpful websites related to tea.
To be perfectly honest, I tend to prefer Darjeeling black teas and Japanese greens, so that is likely going to make up the bulk of the reviews on this site. Still, I will try to branch out to cover as many types of tea as possible.

Anyway, I look forward to my first review, and I invite you all to check back periodically for new content!


Brent said...

Ignore me, I'm just testing out the comment system!

Salsero said...

Thanks for posting your blog address at TeaChat. I look forward to reading it.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, thanks for all the great tea info!

Anonymous said...

I have just finished a couple of days enjoying your blog from start to finish. Many thanks!

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